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Meet the iSmile Staff

get to know the crew

Matt Minardi

School Manager

Matt is a full-time member of our school team specializing in head shots and senior photography. He always found himself uncomfortable in front of the camera, and strives to create a casual environment to capture that best expression and moment for his clients. Matt believes editing and post-production are just as important as the shoot and really strives to give a final product that the client can cherish. Matt received his BA in Visual Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Carrie Graziano

School Manager

A snapshot about Carrie...

On the surface, I'm a mom of two amazing children, a CPA and a lover of all things chocolate! When you get to really know me, you'll discover that I am also a memory-keeper and highly value photos, and the stories behind those photos. You'll often find me behind the lens, but also with my nose in a scrapbook preserving precious memories for my family and friends. Throughout college and into my early careers, I studied and learned accounting and office procedures, but art always called to me. I am a nationally certified artist with a concentration in painting, and I am certified to teach art. Lastly, I love to talk! I'll chat with anyone about practically anything - I definitely have the gift of gab! I just love meeting new people and spending quality time with good friends.

All of these varied attributes help me be my best in my role at iSmile. I wear many hats for the studio, operate in various capacities and am always learning new ways to help our customers, schools, parents, and well, everyone who needs us to capture their special moments. Having started as a customer, and now as manager, I can honestly relate to the real-time needs and wants of our iSmile family.

Andrew Ranalli

Studio Manager

Andrew is a returning member of the iSmile team, rejoining as studio manager and master photographer. He loves to photograph all different styles and subjects, loves challenges and creative ideas for photoshoots. He has a BA in Graphic Design from Lasell College, where he grew his love for photography as well as design. Whether you need photos in studio, outside or at an event, Andrew will capture your photographs in the highest quality possible, the way you deserve.

Molly July 2018-2726-2.jpg
Molly Sosnow

School Manager

I’ve been a lover of art and all things creative for as long as I can remember. I enjoy working with many different mediums, but my greatest skill would have to be photorealistic painting. The majority of my professional work experience has been in the field of social services, and while I receive immense satisfaction from making a positive impact on the lives of others, I’ve always found myself yearning for a job that allowed me to utilize my creative abilities on a daily basis. Ismile studios is a phenomal place to work and I am thrilled to be part of a team of like-minded individuals who are extremely talented and passionate about what they do!

Stephanie McCauley

School Manager

I absolutely love capturing a family's life - in this moment - and preserving it forever.   Portraits are so precious, and only grow in value with time.  My subjects feel comfortable and beautiful during their session.  We laugh a lot and love a lot. 

After working for many years in a studio setting, my work has expanded to predominantly natural light location photography, capturing stylized sessions at your home or a place we choose together.  I split my time between Upstate New York and Jupiter, Florida, as well as offer premium boudoir photography experiences in Las Vegas.

At home I am blessed with an incredibly supportive husband of 20 years, two beautiful sons, and two crazy basset hounds. 

Staff Headshots Spring 2021 - Swaddle Model Training (33 of 36).jpg
Lauren Ramos

Assistant Manager

I'm an energetic soul, with a passion for capturing the moment. I'm a full time graphic design major and have been interested in photography ever since I came to iSmile. Until working here, I hadn't yet realized my love for taking photos. It was here that I discovered my passion and the interest I found in editorial photography. ​

I love to connect with people, and making people laugh is my favorite. At the studio I'm able to photograph each endearing smile, and capture memories for families and friends to remember.

Staff Headshots Spring 2021 - Swaddle Model Training (21 of 36).jpg
Zoe Golden-Johnson

Assistant Manager

Zoe joined us in June 2021 and is already sharing her amazing photography talent with all of you.

Some fun facts about our new friend:
Zoe's favorite animal is the elephant! 
She's super stylish and just loves fashion, 
and she has an adorable pet bunny named Peanut!

Staff Headshots Spring 2021 - Swaddle Model Training (3 of 36)_edited.jpg
Milton Thompson

Assistant Manager

Hello, I'm Milton and I've been taking photos since my sophomore year of high school. I love photography and my main focus was always on nature, but since I started working here I've shifted focus to portrait photography. I'm also a big fan of comic books and video games. If you ever see me around feel free to say hi. According to all my friends I'm the type of person to say hi as I'm passing someone on the street!


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