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3 Limited Edition Sessions we've never been able to do (and why)

All right children, please gather 'round for class: today's lesson: why do we have so many great session ideas but can't run them? Let's take a peek at three examples, shall we? And yes, all three of these ideas, including many more, have literally been topics of all staff meetings before.

I would not lie to you (that often).

  1. The Grinch Christmas Sessions

This is probably the most popular one people have seen floating the internet before and for good reason if I say so myself. Who wouldn't want to scare the living *redacted* out of their kids with THE GRINCH? It's a hilarious alternative to Santa and you'd get way more enjoyment out of these photos than they would, so it's also you being a little selfish, which I condone.

Why haven't we done them? Let's say we skip over the part about trying to find someone to make us a Grinch costume or do the extensive makeup work, it's kind of illegal. That dastardly Dr. Suess won't let us have any fun.

2. Biker Santa Sessions

This one might sound slightly ludicrous, but it's honestly my favorite of all of our ideas. It appeals to two entirely different demographics in super rad parents and people without kids. Biker Santa rolling in with a Harley for you to sit next to him? I can't think of anything cooler and you're lying if you say you can.

Why haven't we done them? You know what the funniest part is of this whole thing, is not only do we have clients tell us they'd sign up for these, but most of our Santa Claus' ride a motorcycle. The only thing holding us back is not knowing for sure if enough people would sign up to do it. It's easy enough to set up Santa Claus and his Harley outside for the shoot, we just need to know we can book up a whole day with it. Maybe this year we'll see if the demand is high enough and run one?

3. "Up, up and away" Outdoor Hot Air Balloon

Why haven't we done them? I...I don't want any babies to fly away.

What do YOU want to see for a limited edition session?

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