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Vote for March's Front Room Theme!

Attention iSmilers, (that is what I shall be calling you, my loyal subjects.)

I'm leaving the fate of next month's front room theme in your hands, mainly so I can take the most popular idea and claim it as my own along with all the compliments and praise.

Will it be:

1. Clovers all over -


2. Gold at the end of the rainbow -


3. Slightly less clovers than clovers all over -


4. BRICK with some Irish props


5. Just green

(you don't need a picture for this you know what green looks like)


What's your favorite? Vote in the comments below or in the comments of the Facebook post I make about this blog post.



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Feb 22, 2022

#2, Gold at the end of the rainbow!

Feb 22, 2022

Rainbow or brick!

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