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Why you need a professional headshot (and how we can help)

We recently held two different headshot events, Siena College LinkedIn headshots and Colonie Center's women's networking event, both where we provided free headshots to their guests. It really got me to thinking about headshots in all of their wondrous glory. What's better than a picture of just you and your splendid face? Other than being the best gift to frame and hand to your mother, it's also something everyone should get professionally taken, and here's three reasons why;

Oh, before I hit you all with the razzle-dazzle, book a headshot session with us here

  1. Social Media, baby.

Any chance you have a LinkedIn profile? Maybe an Instagram account for your business? Bam, you're going to want a professional headshot. Ditch the selfie, look your best and tell the world you're legit. I'm not one who's much for "research", but did you know Linkedin profiles with professional headshots receive roughly 14 times more profile views and are 36 times more likely to receive a message on Linkedin? It's completely true, I didn't even make it up!

2. Biz Cards

Got a business card and you want to throw your face out there more? Cha-ching, put your pro headshot on one side and your biz name on the other. Personally, I'm awful with remembering names and faces the first time I meet someone. Lay that all on a card for me to reference to, and you're in top shape baby.

3. Website

Have an "about me" section on your website and want to connect with customers more? Pop a professional headshot of yourself on there and show everyone you're approachable but also look like a hard working professional.

Now, let's say you live on Mars and can't make it into our studio to get the best headshot possible. Boy, do I have some tips for you to at least spruce up your current picture on your own.

  1. Step away from the background

Whatever your background is, a wall, a fence, etc, take a couple steps away from it. If you're leaning right up against your background your picture will look completely flat and unappealing. You want some depth in there, and possibly get a some blurriness to the back.

2. Find good lighting

The trick here really is to not take the picture in the dark. If you take a picture in the dark and have to brighten it up too much, you might get a real grainy photo. Make sure your face is lit up and there's not harsh shadows on your face. A simple ring light from amazon is pretty cheap.

3. Dear lord ditch the selfie I beg of you

Set your camera/phone up on a tripod or prop it up against something, but don't hold your phone up and end up with your arm in half the shot.

A professional headshot means you're ready for business baby. Take these tips and up your game or let us do it for you. If you're interested in us coming to your business or school and grabbing great headshots of everyone, email me at or book your own appointment here.

I leave you with some great headshots we took last week for reference. Huzzah! KB out.

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